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A Berlin company of long tradition

RBB Immobilien-Verwaltungs-GmbH was founded in 1980.
The company is runned by the Managing Directors Gabriele Reymer and José M. Plasencia.

RBB Immo has over 20 employees established in the company over many years, divided into teams so as to cover the individual business areas.

RBB Immobilien-Verwaltungs-GmbH offers property management and the leasing out of property, as well as administration for communities of property owners and fund administration. We take care of domestic properties and business properties, primarily in and around Berlin. At present we are administering over 3,200 units of domestic and business properties.

At home in the Berlin-Brandenburg region

We have many years of experience in administering domestic rental properties, properties undergoing refurbishment, urban villas, residential estates with one-family homes, including both newly-built and older developments, in and around Berlin.
Apart from classic residential properties, we also successfully take care of commercial properties, as well as particular large-scale facilities such as the Plaza at the Stern-Center in Potsdam, with its team of concierges, or an apartment hotel by the Baltic Sea.
Our clients are communities of flat-owners, investment companies, large-scale investors and individual property owners.

You too can gain advantage from our 35 years experience

in managing property, while you benefit from our solidly-based and wide-ranging expertise as a Berlin-based company.

The property market in Berlin and Brandenburg has a lot to offer

if you know the facts and use them correctly